Heathen gang

Heidense Bende op de Castlefest Winter editie


The program for both days:

11.15u  – Day Opening
12.00u – Healing Wintersounds by  Gabs with healing Angel Ritual
12.30u – Innerpeace shamandrumhealing
12.30u – Groene Godin Wintermeditation
13.00u – Craften with Pagan Lady
14.00u – Innerpeace shamandrumhealing
14.30u – Healing Wintersounds by  Gabs with healing Angel Ritual
15.00u – Heidense Bende Drumcircle 
16.00u – Groene Godin  Wintermeditation 
16.30u – Margo Awanata
17.00u – Innerpeace :Yulebook ritual

Satuday: 18.30u – Margo Awanata Yule Lightritual


Healing Winter sounds by Gabs with a Healing Angel ritual

This year Gabs will take you to the land of the angels, she plays the healing sounds and by the sounds your spirit awakes, which angels do you experience? And will open your magical power? Within a message or wish will appear…

Both days at 12.00u & 14.30u.

Opening Ceremony & Drum Circle

Every day at 11.00u we start with a Openings Ceremony and at 15.oou. The Heidense bende members are having a beautiful Drumcircle. Every day a different group will lead the Openings Ceremony &Drumcircle with a different theme.
We see our Heidense bende field as a village, who come together every day to celebrate life and connect with joy and love.

You can feel the rhythm of the drums like the beating of your hart and the dancing and sound spread it through your veins. Would you like to experience this? Come and watch, dance and move with us!

Openings Ceremony
Friday: Gabs 
Saturday: Centrum Inner peace
Sunday: de Negen werelden

Friday: The pagan Lady
Saturday: Margo
Sunday: Centrum Innerpeace


The Pagan Lady

Just as last year, The Pagan Lady team will be present at this Castlefest Winter Edition.
You are very welcome to join us to craft something beautiful and magical.
It will be like a warm spot of light in this dark and cold season.
A symbol of good wishes and promises for you and your loved ones.

Both saterday and sunday from 13:00h till 14:00h.

Blessed be

Rosa Mare

The first symbolic signs to express thoughts with were called runes, which originated from the gothic word “Runa”, meaning secret. Each symbolic rune sign is a storage for intuitive knowledge, and it takes insight and knowledge to read the stones clearly and articulate them to the outsider.

When I am interpreting my stones, I always note how it fascinates people, especially by the pureness of the stones with their signs.

Meet with the old ritual of the rune stones. They provide wisdom and insight.

Centrum Innerpeace

Midwinter fest – Yule is a special time, because it’s the time of repentance, unwind and evaluate. The days are short and the nights are long and cold, humans and animals huddle together. With Yule we thank the lessons and insights of the past time. Starting from now the day’s slings, we welcome the Sun and everything we put in the energy will start growing. 
We give you the opportunity to remember someone, give you insight, your wish for the New Year in the Yule book to write. The Yule book will be dedicated to the Sun so that all wishes, insights and Memorials may be seen and recorded in the big picture.

Saturday morning daylight opening – welcoming the Sun
Sunday afternoon Yule Ritual – 17.00 hour

For a Shaman healing drum session you are welcome at:12.30 and 14.00u

Margo Awanata

Margo Awanata will offer, together with the priestesses of her training, a warm and loving program. 

During the drum circle we will move with darkness and light and during the Yule light ritual we will honour warmth and connection in gratitude.

Yule Mistletoe Arch

The Yule Mistletoe Arch is also this year at the Heidense Bende, where you can kiss your loved one or embrace your friendship with a hug.
Come over and feel free to show your love & friendship…

The Green Godess

Meet King Holly and King Oak by guided meditation. Experience how you can bring Darkness and Light together, like these two Kings, inside yourself and outside yourself.

Guided by The Green Goddess.




As always Rineke is present at the Heathen Gang to tell you all about her beautiful (face) paintings and loving messages. Are you up for it?