Centrum Innerpeace

Midwinter fest – Yule is a special time, because it’s the time of repentance, unwind and evaluate. The days are short and the nights are long and cold, humans and animals huddle together. With Yule we thank the lessons and insights of the past time. Starting from now the day’s slings, we welcome the Sun and everything we put in the energy will start growing. 
We give you the opportunity to remember someone, give you insight, your wish for the New Year in the Yule book to write. The Yule book will be dedicated to the Sun so that all wishes, insights and Memorials may be seen and recorded in the big picture.

Saturday morning daylight opening – welcoming the Sun
Sunday afternoon Yule Ritual – 17.00 hour

For a Shaman healing drum session you are welcome at:12.30 and 14.00u