Opening Ceremony & Drum Circle

Every day at 11.00u we start with a Openings Ceremony and at 15.oou. The Heidense bende members are having a beautiful Drumcircle. Every day a different group will lead the Openings Ceremony &Drumcircle with a different theme.
We see our Heidense bende field as a village, who come together every day to celebrate life and connect with joy and love.

You can feel the rhythm of the drums like the beating of your hart and the dancing and sound spread it through your veins. Would you like to experience this? Come and watch, dance and move with us!

Openings Ceremony
Friday: GabsĀ 
Saturday: Centrum Inner peace
Sunday: de Negen werelden

Friday: The pagan Lady
Saturday: Margo
Sunday: Centrum Innerpeace