Tim Talesman

A crackling fire, warm sheepskins (make sure to bring your own) and the cosiness of an old inn. Tim Talesman (Young storyteller of the year 2017/2018) will take you on a journey to strange and faraway places.

Come and listen as the days grow short to stories about mighty gods, brave heroes and terrifying monsters and see if there’s light at the end of it…

Ambachts Ghylde

Despite the chilly weather, there is a small group of craftsmen brave enough to face the cold winds of November for you!

Ingrid’s Handen will be there to learn you all about braiding with straw and the beautiful objects you can make with straw. Lennart (Runeraaf) collected a nice assortment of magical objects in the forest for you, so maybe he has something for you to use in your rituals. Our Nathalie (JaguArt) can make your day even more perfect with drawing a beautiful temporary tattoo on your skin. And if it’s getting too cold for you, you can always go to Ingrid and Sylvia to try one of their warm, woollen hats, scarves and collars. And if the winter is getting too dark for you, you can always count on Iris (Wolspinnerij d’n droad kwait) to light up your life with her special winter workshop: Pimp your LED-light with wool.

More information will follow soon.