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Oma Wolletje

It’s the year is 1513, the early age of discovery, a time of turmoil and war. This is the era in which Oma Wolletje lives.

A family that tries to keep the trade of their late grandfather alive under the guidance of their grandmother.
Alongside her children, sons in law and grandchildren Oma Wolletje works hard to eke out a living. It’s a hard life but, as a family they have a good life.

The sheep are tended to by the little ones. The older children help with spinning, weaving and needle binding the wool. Her sons in law occupy themselves with other trades to support the family. One is a baker and leatherworker, the other is a blacksmith and will meet any request with enthusiasm.

While life is harsh during the winter, they remain a warm and welcoming family that invites everyone to join them around the fire for some warmth. And if they are lucky they just might be able to join in on a simple but delicious home cooked meal.

yule ritual winter ritueel

Winter Ritual

Like previous editions of the Castlefest Winter Edition we would like to take a moment to stand together with all of you during the Winter Ritual. A moment of reflection and silence.

We’re in the last weeks of the calendar year, a time where trees lose their leaves and nature continues to die off, a time where days are getting shorter. This is the moment where we would like to reflect on warmth and light. The warmth of friendship and love, the warmth of fire that is warming us. The light that seems so far away in these dark days, but we know it will come back soon. The light that will ensure that nature will rebuild and be strong once again. The light that is so needed in these sometimes dark world filled with hatred and sadness. Let the warmth and light present in ourselves shine and let’s celebrate love!

The ritual will be led  by Taloch of The Dolmen.


Studio Epona

This Castlefest Winter Edition, for the very first time, there will be a demonstration in hand poked tattoos. Bianca van der Hulst from Studio Epona will show one of the techniques used to decorate the body before the invention of tattoo machines. By poking small dots in the skin with a needle, also known as dotwork, she creates images that last a life time. The designs she makes are inspired by old Celtic and Norse art on which she gave her own artistic spin. Because this is purely a demonstration, it will not be possible to be tattooed as a visitor of the event. If you are interested in this, you are of course always very welcome to make an appointment in the studio. Please feel free to inquire!

Cathinca van Sprundel, writer of ‘De Vrouwe van Myrdin’

Discover the magical world of Cymbran, where welsh heroes come to live and an unlikely heroine tries to win back her homeland. The young princess Airys loses everything, her father, her mother, and her homeland Dyfed. For seven years she serves queen Aranrod, who promised her to help her, but when the seven years are over, the queen betrays Airys. Banished to the island of Myrdin, Airys has to face her own fears, if she ever wants to see her family and her homeland again. A story full of adventure, based on the Mabinogion, this book will thrill lovers of fantasy. Go to the writers market, meet the author and discover the magic.


Heeren van Altena

Heeren van Altena ( Lords of Altena) is an early 15th century living history group.

At the Castlefest Winter Edition they will demonstrate several medieval crafts and Historical European Martial Arts. The Knights of Altena will enter any battlefield under the banner of yellow with red salmons.Have you ever wondered how an armor works and how heavy it is? What did our ancestors eat in the 15th century? How did they tailor the most beautiful garments? If so do not be afraid to step into our camp and we will explain and show you.

Uitgeverij Macc

Macc Publications publishes original Dutch Fantasy, Sciencefiction and Horror, but thanks to their network, they also have famous American and German authors like Uschi Zietsch and Jeff Carlson. Apart from that true stories and biography’s are also part of their business. However, Fantasy will always be their main target, both Dutch and translated.

This year they will present the second and last part of Johan Klein Hanevelds’ diptych ‘De Krakenvorst’ (If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll also like this) and the third part of the Castlefest Chronicles, written by Theo Barkel (I’ve seen the worthy successor of Terry Pratchett, our own Theo Barkel).

But we have so much more lovable books. You have a manuscript of your own? Bring it along, and who knows…

Jaco Koster

With the Scottish Bagpipe, Jaco Koster will amuse you with many Scottish and Celtic tunes. The music changes throughout the performance; beautiful and touching slow airs to exciting jigs and reels. Many cheerful tunes which will be familiar to the audience will also be played. The music takes you on a journey to the Scottish Highlands and beyond. You will not regret stopping by to listen to this!

Magisch Verhaal

Martin of Magisch Verhaal is a passionate storyteller, magician and theatermaker. At the Castlefest Winter Edition you can experience different kind of stories.

Old heroes and villains will come to life and take you with them to the adventure they’ve encountered. Nothing will be left out.

Come listen to one or more stories and enter the world of Magisch Verhaal.

Igor’s Goochelsjo: nice and cosy

It’s winter and cold outside. Everybody is sitting closer to the campfire.
Igor joins in and has a special close-up show for the Castlefest Winter Edition. 
He will be walking around the terrain with a table on his back to do shows anywhere all day long.
Come close and enjoy the magic, because laughing is inevitable! 


Kala is a young group of fireperformers from the Netherlands. The group is brought together by a passion for movement, fire and light. Our aspiration is to show our audience something they have never seen before, giving them a new experience which they can bring home together with a smile.