Thijs Goverde

Over the last 20 years, author Thijs Goverde has written nineteen childrens books, te best known of which are the Donderkat- (Thundercat) and the Meesterdief- (Master Thief) series.
His latest effort, a series of books about Yorick the Ork, contains stories in the classical fantasy genre. These stories come to life, not just in the books, but also in the woods: they provide the setting for a series of LARP-events, the plot of which was also written bij Goverde.
Once upon a time, he was part of the comedy duo Vreemd Apparaatje (Strange Little Apparatus), and in an even more distant past he gained an M.A. in philosophy. His books still contain both jokes and food-for-thought, though his imagination is always the main ingredient.

It is his ambition to write childrens books that grown-ups can enjoy for the jokes, and layers of meaning, that will go completely unnoticed by every childs eye.

Rianne Lampers

Rianne Lampers preferably writes in the fantastic genre, but she also writes more realistic and romantic stories. She is the author of the horror series Chronicles of the New Age (Evil Pact en Prelude to Armageddon), of The King’s Best Friend and anthology Tales of the Bizarre.

In 2011 Rianne switched from writing to mainly publishing. She started Celtica Publishing and has since then published 4 books under her own name, 3 under pseudonym and another 35 titles by 16 different authors. And there are more to come! Celtica Publishing’s vision is: catching dreams, record them and share them with the rest of the world. Nothing is impossible!

Celtica Publishing mainly aims at the fantastic genre, with books for both adults and voor young adults.

Rianne is working on part 3 The New Age Chronicles, but at the moment publishing takes up most of her time.

Patty van Delft

Patty van Delft is the author of the Dutch Drägan Duma trilogy from which the first book is awarded with the third place in the Hebban Fantasy awards.

The books are published by Celtica Publishing and tell the story of Jill. She is a young girl that, after her troubled youth, ends up on the parallel planet Drägan Duma where humans have formed a bond with dragons. A compelling story filled with emotions!

This year Drägan Duma – Een Onbreekbare Band will be published, a standalone story which takes place 330 years before the trilogy and describes the first bond between human and dragon. It’s a story about touch choices, fear for the unknown, friendship and a desperate struggle to survive.

Patty has also published two English dark poetry collections: My Wings and My Whisperings. These dark collections with rays of light tell about emotions that often stay hidden inside.

Jeffrey Debris

Jeffrey Debris (de Blieck, 1981) was born in Amsterdam, but raised in Uithoorn, where he still lives. He grew up with cartoons, computers and video games. When he was young he always wanted to become a comic artist. Movies like Star Wars, Blade Runner and other scifi movies- and series inspired him to learn more about the universe.

Somewhere in 2014 he began writing his scifi trilogy. Here he combined everything from science fiction and fantasy that he liked into one coherent universe. Woven into the story are moral dilemmas and social criticism. He also likes to believe that there’s no such thing as pure evil or good, but that all of these things are different sides of the same coin. In 2015 his debut “The Fall of Netherea” was released, followed by “The Zar’aranos Deception” in 2016. He’s currently working on finishing his scifi trilogy.

Esther Wagenaar

Esther Wagenaar (born in Den Helder) grew up in a creative family. Her father collected science fiction books so she came in contact with the genre early on. She fell ill and had to stay home in her early twenties. Her way to escape from the harsh reality was to invent stories. This led to the story of Terra 7, which was written down on 1022 A4 pages in nine months.

Fortunately, her health improved. She moved to Hoorn and there followed a period in which relationships, study, work and singing played a major role. Terra7 got back in her life when she becameill again. She still found the story relevant and began to rewrite it. After a text review, Celtica Publishing wanted to publish it, and so, 25 years after writing the manuscript, Terra 7 part 1 The green crystal is a book found in stores and libraries in the Netherlands.

Carine J.A. Maes

I am a story teller. Let me whisk you away to an enchanting universe, populated with characters who are both human and bird. Meet talking cats, lightning catchers, superstitious northerners and voluptuous witches. But be wary, for you can get lost in my stories. They might be true, they might even be about you. They tell a tale of heroism and love, of fear, doubt and confusion. Of found and lost loves. I am Carine J.A. Maes and write for anyone who wants to believe in magic. My first book from the series ‘Stories of the Lacuna’ appeared at Celtica Publishing in early July 2018. ‘Raven’ is a mixture of fable, absurd fairy tale and fantasy. It contains esoteric elements, references to self-hypnosis, herbs and meditation. It is a book filled with adventure that reads smoothly. It opens up its world to you. It’s waiting for you.

Cathinca van Sprundel

Discover the magical world of Cymbran, where welsh heroes come to live and an unlikely heroine tries to win back her homeland. The young princess Airys loses everything, her father, her mother, and her homeland Dyfed. For seven years she serves queen Aranrod, who promised her to help her, but when the seven years are over, the queen betrays her. Banished to the island of Myrdin, Airys has to face her own fears, if she ever wants to see her family and her homeland again. A story full of adventure, based on the Mabinogion, this book will thrill lovers of fantasy. Go to the writers market, meet the author and discover the magic.

Flames of Chaos Castlefest Winter Editie Medusa

Flames of Chaos

Catching fire with Flames of Chaos

Flames of Chaos combines different disciplines, like dance, pyrotechnics, live visuals, stiltwalking, fan dancing, sword fighting, firebreathing and poi. The group is known for their burning costumes and their elegant, gracious style. Come and take a look at this unique spectacle at the Castlefest Winter Edition!

Medusa Venice White Stilts Castlefest Winter Editie

Medusa: Venice White Stilts

Meet mysterious angels with Medusa: Venice White Stilts

The ladies from Medusa: Venice White Stilts are waltzing through the streets as if it’s carnival in Venice! She smiles her soft smile. Is she an angel? A tad mysterious, but that is what winter is, covering the world in a white winter blanket…

Two to five shimmering white stilt figures are dancing majestically through the streets with their luminous lace cloaks on. The wind ruffles the feathers of their wigs and lifts their cloaks while they parade around. Their illuminated bodies remind us of angels. Venice White Stilts is a perfect act for the dark days of winter!

Florisimo Castlefest Winter Editie


Warm up with some perfectly timed humour from Florisimo

Floating through the dark days, Florisimo and his companion are the bringers of warmth. With their magical art and flickering flames they willmake you smile and shine some light upon you. Razor sharp and full of fun they will enter the arena at the Castlefest Winter Edition!