Writers market

Cathinca van Sprundel, writer of ‘De Vrouwe van Myrdin’

Discover the magical world of Cymbran, where welsh heroes come to live and an unlikely heroine tries to win back her homeland. The young princess Airys loses everything, her father, her mother, and her homeland Dyfed. For seven years she serves queen Aranrod, who promised her to help her, but when the seven years are over, the queen betrays Airys. Banished to the island of Myrdin, Airys has to face her own fears, if she ever wants to see her family and her homeland again. A story full of adventure, based on the Mabinogion, this book will thrill lovers of fantasy. Go to the writers market, meet the author and discover the magic.


Uitgeverij Macc

Macc Publications publishes original Dutch Fantasy, Sciencefiction and Horror, but thanks to their network, they also have famous American and German authors like Uschi Zietsch and Jeff Carlson. Apart from that true stories and biography’s are also part of their business. However, Fantasy will always be their main target, both Dutch and translated.

This year they will present the second and last part of Johan Klein Hanevelds’ diptych ‘De Krakenvorst’ (If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll also like this) and the third part of the Castlefest Chronicles, written by Theo Barkel (I’ve seen the worthy successor of Terry Pratchett, our own Theo Barkel).

But we have so much more lovable books. You have a manuscript of your own? Bring it along, and who knows…