Winter ritual

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Winter Ritual

Like previous editions of the Castlefest Winter Edition we would like to take a moment to stand together with all of you during the Winter Ritual. A moment of reflection and silence.

We’re in the last weeks of the calendar year, a time where trees lose their leaves and nature continues to die off, a time where days are getting shorter. This is the moment where we would like to reflect on warmth and light. The warmth of friendship and love, the warmth of fire that is warming us. The light that seems so far away in these dark days, but we know it will come back soon. The light that will ensure that nature will rebuild and be strong once again. The light that is so needed in these sometimes dark world filled with hatred and sadness. Let the warmth and light present in ourselves shine and let’s celebrate love!

The ritual will be led  by Taloch of The Dolmen.