catering, knobibrot

List of caterers

People always say that the way to someone’s heart is by treating them to a good meal. If that’s the case, then a lot of hearts are getting touched at Castlefest!

All caterers use special tokens that represent a value of 2,50 euro. These tokens can be bought at the entrance and special token vending machines that are marked on the map. Please keep in mind there is a deposit of 2 tokens on cups. 

Medieval Catering
– Beer
– Wine / Mead
– Soda
– Coffee
– Tea
– Hot chocolate (with whipped cream)
– Hot apple cinnamon mead
– Gluhwein
– Potato Wedges
– Hamburgers
– Drumsticks
– Mushrooms

Cooking Highlander
– Chicken legs
– Jacket potato
– Pulled Pork
– Wedges
– Bratwurst
– Stew
– Knobibrot

Koek en Zopie
– Coffee
– Latte
– Coffee cocktails
– Tea / Chai
– Hot chocolate
– Oat milk

Marskramers van Amsterdam
– Pretzel
– Pretzel cheese

Wietse’s Pie
– English Pie

– Pizza
– Stuffed bread

Seitan Chefs
– Delicious vegan meals

Kürtőskalács Hilversum
– Chimney Cake