Many of the visitors to our events try their absolute best to dress themselves as beautiful, extravagant or special as possible. Most visitors therefore really enjoy it if photographers reward their hard work by shooting a nice picture of it. However, there are a few rules to make sure that both model and photographer will not be unpleasantly surprised:

– Everyone is free to take pictures at events by Vana Events, even if professional equipment is used.

– While taking a picture, it is common courtesy to ask the model permission for the picture to be taken.

– The photographer has the right to publish the picture without express permission, as long as the interests of the model or Vana Events are not harmed.

– We appreciate it if the model can request a free digital version of the picture for non-commercial use. If this picture is shared with family and friends (for example through Facebook) it is common courtesy to name the photographer.

– Links to webgalleries and other photo websites are much appreciated and will be published alongside with your name on our own website. In this way, all visitors can long enjoy the festival and all the beautiful pictures that were taken!

A photographer is not allowed to:
– Offer pictures against payment, be it before, during or after the event, in whichever way possible. *
– Hand out calling cards to a website with a payment function. **
– Upload pictures to a website with a payment function. **

The rules as stated above also apply to any video and audio recordings. Deviation from these rules is only allowed with a written permission, received from the organisation beforehand.

At the events by Vana Events, recordings can be taken. Vana Events retains the right to use all the pictures taken at her events without reference for promotional purposes. In these cases an allowance will never be granted to the holders of the copyright and/or publishing rights.

Photographers may offer their material to press and news agencies who offer payment for said material without intervention by Vana Events.

** By this is understood: a function with which a website visitor can request a picture on payment. In this case, it does not matter if the picture can be requested digitally or as a printed copy.