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Ambachts Ghylde

demonstrations in felting, weaving and forging

Not the big group of craftsmen we usually have in the summer, but a few of us are brave enough to face the cold winds of November for you!

Ingrid and Sylvia will demonstrate how to felt wool with water and soap. And you can also join one of the felting workshops where you can felt a woollen flower, or decorate a soap bar with colourful layers of felted wool. The ladies brought along a small stash of handmade woollen objects to keep yourself warm this winter. Whether you're looking for a hat, a shawl or a pair of gloves, at Ingrid's and Sylvia's there's always something fun and creative to find. 

But there is so much more you can do with wool. Barbara can explain and demonstrate to you the medieval crafts of spinning wool on a spindle and the dying of wool with plants. And she can also show you what to do with the wool after spinning the yarn, like needle binding or weaving. 

And for something completely different we have brought a historical blacksmith with us, Rupert. He will demonstrate how they made all kinds of useful objects and tools in the past from iron. Like nails, fibulas, knives or belt buckles. 

23 November 2019

24 November 2019

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