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Belga Boys

Belga Boys Party - La Horde, Rastaban & Friends

If you were to take the "Made in Belgium" craziness and festive mood of La Horde, combine it with Rastaban's energy and tribal vibes, add some special guests and surprises... BOOM !

You'd get yourself an evening worth to remember (only if you do not abuse too many Belgium beers of course)!
An evening filled with music, friendship and joyfulness beyond measure!
An evening that would bring peace and order to the galaxy…(wait what?)
Well, what if we told you that this is no dream, but a reality?

Thanks to the great success of their show at Castlefest, La Horde and Rastaban will merge together one more (last!) time and become the Belga Boys & Girls Party Band once again during the Castlefest Winter Edition 2019!

With a selection of their songs in an afterparty mood, they’ll bring your feet alive and have you jumping, they’ll transform the meadow stage into the dance floor… The night will just begin.
Bring your festive mood with you, and be ready for a crazy experience for this unique show.

23 November 2019
Yule Stage

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