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Cathinca van Sprundel

Cathinca van Sprundel (1989) fell in love with writing from the moment she could hold a pencil in her hand. Her debut ‘De vrouwe van Myrdin’ and the novella ‘De held van Anwyn’ captivated many readers. She gets her inspiration from myths, legends and fairytales. Meet her at the writersmarket and discover the magic.

Her latest work is a story in the fairytale collection ‘Er was eens’. Together with four other writers she gave her own twist on a reknown fairytale. Five stories full of magic, friendship and love.

The books ‘De held van Anwyn’ and ‘De vrouwe van Myrdin’ are based on the Mabinogion, a medieval collection of Welsh myths. She brings this stories back to life and creates stories full with adventure.

Cathinca will perform on Sunday in the Great Hall.

23 November 2019

24 November 2019

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