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De Hospitaalridders

Meet the Crusaders from the 13th century

"This seventh Crusade, this righteous undertaking, has had an expeditious start. We have traveled a great distance without much delay to Aigues-Mortesin the South of France, where the fleet of King Louis IX is anchored to take us to Cyprus. From there it will only take us a few days by ship to reach Damietta. First, we take Egypt. And then, if God wills it... Jerusalem!"
(Memoirs of Brother Toussaint de la Court, 1248)

The historical association De Hospitaalridders brings the past back to life. As a group of traveling crusaders from the period 1248-1259 we can be found throughout the year at all kinds of medieval events, museums and schools. With military display and weaponry, religious piety and knowledge of the 13th-century medical arts, we show what the life of the crusaders looked like in earlier times


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