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Drachenflug takes you through epic storms, mystical mists and shimmering dreams

Come and listen to the poetic songs of the Steampunkband Drachenflug. Sometimes dark, sometimes rocky, sometimes easy and folky - the exciting music of Drachenflug will enchant you nonetheless.

The band Drachenflug will tell you all about their immeasurable adventures in a musical way. As Aethernomads they roam through the forests and are travelling restlessly trough the ether - the element that floats behind everything visible and which connects distant worlds. There they collect dreams and breathtaking stories to use in their music.

Drachenflug's Aethernomaden Show is a fantastic mix of diverse songs about the Aventures of the Aethernomads. A Drachenflug show is like a journey through space, time and aether.

The musicians live the Steampunk life and have been dealing for years with alternative pasts, sustainability, weird cultures and stories. Their music exists of poetic original compositions and deal with knowledge, wisdom, revolutions and love.

The distinctive vocal style, the rocking guitar sound of heavily modified electric guitars, in combination with historical and electronic exotic instruments such as the Nyckelharpa, result in a clearly defined unique style: Drachenflug.

23 November 2019
The Great Hall

24 November 2019
Yule Stage


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