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Dutch Warbow Society

Get acquainted with the handbow tradition

The aim of the Dutch Warbow Society is to promote and maintain the tradition of traditional hand bows.

We want to give owners of traditional hand bows, hunting bows, medieval English war bows and other classic hand bows the opportunity to meet other archers and learn from each other. Our activities consist of organising archery events, clinics, and providing information.

The DWS Research team is concerned with researching archaeological finds. To introduce the public to the English Longbow at events, the DWS has set up a special demonstration team.

Here you have the opportunity to shoot with a bow yourself under supervision of one of the team members. This is great fun for both children and adults.

This demonstration team shows the effect of this type of bow and arrows on various materials. They also show how groups of archers on the field were led by the duty commander.

23 November 2019

24 November 2019


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