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Steamy, swinging, sometimes intimate

Imagine a festival tent to the brim filled with a lively dancing audience, on stage an equally lively folk band all sweaty and playing with abandon. That’s what characterizes a performance by EmBRUN. These gentlemen transmit masses of energy into their audience making them almost explode. Since 2002 EmBRUN has been continually present in the Belgian folk scene and has also shown their skills abroad on many European stages.

EmBRUN’s music is traditionally rooted, spiced up with contemporary, often progressive sounds and rhythms. Being a true live band their third album was recorded live in April 2013. This live album is a fine example of an EmBRUN performance: steamy, swinging, sometimes intimate.

In short: a smooth-running five-cylinder engine with plenty of horsepower, rhythmically tight and musically surprising.

EmBRUN is:

Bert Leemans: accordion
Harald Bauweraerts: hurdy-gurdy
Pieterjan Van Kerckhoven: bagpipes and sax
Jonas Scheys: bass
Ludo Stichelmeyer: percussion

23 November 2019
Yule Stage

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