Yule stage

Prima Nocta

Prima Nocta produces an extravagant mixture of rock ,Celtic folk music and many other styles. With the addition of traditional instruments like bouzouki on top of the drums, every song is made to jump and party. Full of energy, and passion for music, it is hard to resist the sheer force of their love for music and life!

Prima Nocta plays on Sunday at the Castlefest Winter Edition.


Regular guests of our festivals and events with their powerful and evocative Tribal Folk vibes, Rastaban will come to share a very special moment with you at this Winter edition of Castlefest, as it will be their first official concert with their new line-up, featuring Arno (la Horde) and Thomas (Cesair, Shireen) as new permanent members . The beginning of a new chapter for the band, but still with the same energy and sound, mixing celtic and nordic melodies with east-european influences, medieval tunes, balkan trads or even eastern elements, combined with their typical tribal touch and energy. A good exemple of how cultural diversity can bring a real experience of universality through music.

Rastaban plays on Saturday at the Castlefest Winter Edition.


Shireen create Witchpop, a unique genre of eclectic modern music. Their sound is atmospheric, yet groovy and complex, bringing fantasy into modern pop music by combining acoustic rock with a folky drive. Their songs are energetic, mysterious, but most of all bewitching in sheer beauty, instilled by enchanting strings and deep drones as well as the enthralling voice of frontwoman Annicke Shireen. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Björk, Kate Bush and Apocalyptica, Shireen take their audience along to new, undiscovered musical worlds.

Shireen plays on Saturday at the Castlefest Winter Edition.


The two girls forming the psychedelic folk band Brisinga combine folk with modern influences. The partly instrumental, partly sung compositions will lead you into yet unknown soundscapes.

On the Castlefest Winter Edition they will be supported by Maya Fridman on cello.


Take a moment to imagine yourself on a long and tiring journey on horseback, filled with soreness, thirst and saddle pain. Finally, you reach your destination… a warm, welcoming bath  of uplifting music, cheerful people and fresh water – or other liquid of choice – awaits. You instantly feel like you are bathing in soothing solar heat.

This, ladies, lads and everything in between, is the effect of Sunfire. It aims to lift your spirits and warm your heart to its very core. Their music can best be described as Alternative Western Folk; a style influenced by the raw sounds of blues, American folkmusic, southern rock, and tales of life.

Don’t miss your chance to experience their wonderful performance, especially to meet their brand new formation of four musicians:
Satria on guitars & vocals, Berend on guitar, Michel on bass and Sophie on fiddle & cello.

The Dolmen

The Dolmen are a relentless organic Celtic rock band born from the county of Dorset, England. Their mission has been to infiltrate the minds and souls of a growing audience with their tribal rhythms and powerful spiritual renditions. 

The Dolmen was founded by prolific song writer & lead singer, Taloch Jameson and after a few changes over the years, the current line-up has been solid since 2010 when drummer, Chris Harris, joined The Dolmen experience. Josh Elliott, lead guitarist, joined The Dolmen family in 2009 and Kayleigh Marchant, bass guitar & vocals, became a member in 2008. After breaking into Europe The Dolmen then found Anja Novotny, flutes & keyboard, in 2015. 

Their latest album ‘NUADA’ released in 2016 is emblematic of their success, and testament to the band’s artistic evolution and enthusiasm, described by Van Muylem of SNOOZECONTROL “as an exceptional trip”. The release of ‘NUADA’ has also found The Dolmen nominated in the ‘Bastaard Fantasy Awards’ for best album internationally and nominated best live act internationally. Which they both won.

The Dolmen now continue to grow as they continue their journey into more of Europe and around the UK.

The Dolmen plays on Saturday and Sunday at the Castlefest Winter Edition.

Half a Mile

Half a Mile is a band of six passionate musicians from Zwolle. The two sisters Hanna and Susanne van Gemeren have been singing together since they were young. The band shares an honest message of their journey towards meaning, and try to solve the mystery of life and the Creator in this chaotic existence. The country/folk, Celtic and Middle-Eastern influences, combined with the band’s love for acoustic music, result in a unique and authentic sound.

The latest album Roots is all about wonder and respect for the world around us. Several songs are about nature: the peace it brings humankind, the wisdom of an ancient tree, the realization that we’re only small people in a world full of miracles… a quest in the midst of silence.