kinderentertainment castlefest winter editie

Children’s entertainment

Let your child be creative at the children’s entertainment

Like previous years, there is an area reserved at the Castlefest Winter Edition especially for children’s entertainment.
The children can come into our warm tent to colour or to make all sorts of crafts projects. Every day we try to make something new. Stop by and let your children show their creative side!

For the more active kids, the stuffed horses, unicorn and dragon are coming out of the stables. Do your children have what it takes to tame our pure blood donut horses? Can they knock over all the obstacles? Let them accept the challenge!

Flames of Chaos Castlefest Winter Editie Medusa

Flames of Chaos

Catching fire with Flames of Chaos

Flames of Chaos combines different disciplines, like dance, pyrotechnics, live visuals, stiltwalking, fan dancing, sword fighting, firebreathing and poi. The group is known for their burning costumes and their elegant, gracious style. Come and take a look at this unique spectacle at the Castlefest Winter Edition!

Medusa Venice White Stilts Castlefest Winter Editie

Medusa: Venice White Stilts

Meet mysterious angels with Medusa: Venice White Stilts

The ladies from Medusa: Venice White Stilts are waltzing through the streets as if it’s carnival in Venice! She smiles her soft smile. Is she an angel? A tad mysterious, but that is what winter is, covering the world in a white winter blanket…

Two to five shimmering white stilt figures are dancing majestically through the streets with their luminous lace cloaks on. The wind ruffles the feathers of their wigs and lifts their cloaks while they parade around. Their illuminated bodies remind us of angels. Venice White Stilts is a perfect act for the dark days of winter!

Florisimo Castlefest Winter Editie


Warm up with some perfectly timed humour from Florisimo

Floating through the dark days, Florisimo and his companion are the bringers of warmth. With their magical art and flickering flames they willmake you smile and shine some light upon you. Razor sharp and full of fun they will enter the arena at the Castlefest Winter Edition!

Yule ritueel ritual castlefest winter editie taloch

Yule ritual

Share light and love during the Yule ritual

During the Summer Edition of Castlefest, the Wicker man symbolised the Pathfinder: the light that shines upon your path. During the darkening days, we look back at the past year. What will you take with you on your path forwards?

The 21st of December is the shortest day of the year. It is the day we celebrate the return of the light. After a long period of time in which the days only got shorter and darker and where all nature died, Yule brings back the light. The return of days which will slowly get longer and longer, the return of growth from the earth into the new year. The reign of the holly king will switch to the light in which the oak king rules. We would like to celebrate this return of the light with all of you at the Castlefest Winter Edition.

Taloch of The Dolmen, accompanied by his beautiful songs, will set light to the Yule log, whereupon everybody will be able to light their lights to take home with them. Together we share the fire to create light in the world where darkness rules and where anger wins from love. Let’s overcome the darkness and focus on a brighter and more positive future. By creating love in ourself, we are able to share it with the world: we are the light that the world needs. Together we will create a more beautiful new year. 

Want to participate? Bring your own candle to share the light. The ritual takes place on Saturday.

De Hospitaalridders Castlefest Winter Editie

De Hospitaalridders

Experience the time of the crusades with De Hospitaalridders

“This seventh Crusade, this righteous undertaking, has had an expeditious start. We have traveled a great distance without much delay to Aigues-Mortes in the South of France, where the fleet of King Louis IX is anchored to take us to Cyprus. From there it will only take us a few days by ship to reach Damietta. First, we take Egypt. And then, if God wills it… Jerusalem! “(Memoirs of Brother Toussaint de la Court, 1248)

The historical association De Hospitaalridders brings the past back to life. As a group of traveling crusaders from the period 1248-1259 they can be found at all kinds of medieval events, museums and schools throughout the year. With military display and weaponry, religious piety and knowledge of the 13th-century medical arts, they will show you at the Castlefest Winter Edition what the life of the crusaders looked like in earlier times.

Rebels of the Sacred Heart Castlefest Winter Editie Flogging Molly folkpunk tribute band

Rebels of the Sacred Heart

Rebels of the Sacred Heart: a tribute to Flogging Molly

You can say what you want, but if there is one band that knows how to throw a party it has to be Flogging Molly. With their up-tempo folk-punk this Irish/American band led by guitarist/vocalist Dave King knows exactly how to get the crowd going.

Dutch tribute band Rebels of the Sacred Heart comes very close to the real deal. Every show is truly a
tribute to the no-nonsense and highly accessible folk-punk from the band from Los Angeles, California.

“We’re Rebels of the Sacred Heart and this is what we do, so put on your dancing shoes and sing your
drunken lullabies on the devil’s dance floor!”

Rebels of the Sacred Heart will play on Sunday on the Yule Stage at the Castlefest Winter Edition.

The band members are:

– Robin “Skottie” Slutter: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
– Robbert Arentz: electric guitar
– Rens Bourgondiën: bass guitar
– Jeffrey Hartjes: drums
– Hanneke Rinders: fiddle, tin whistle
– Gwendo Jansen: accordion
– Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij: banjo, mandolin, tin whistle

Lifestyle Square: wooldreads and henna!

Do you want to begin the month of December with a metamorphosis? Make sure to visit the Great Hall during the Castlefest Winter Edition.

Hats ‘n Dreads

Want to make your Castlefest something special and change your look? Hats ‘n Dreads is on the Lifestyle Square to put wool dreads in your hair. Besides dreads they have a lot of different hair accessories for both dreads and regular hair.

Hennali: Art of Henna

At Hennali: Art of Henna you can get a unique henna tattoo; a wonderful addition to your costume!

Regardless cultural background, henna art is always considered beautiful and is a mesmerising tribute to the body. Everyone deserves to be decorated with the intricate patterns and to enjoy the beautiful shapes and intense red colour. The good thing is that henna artworks will fade after a while, thereby always leaving room for renewal.

Do you want to discover the world of henna art and what it can mean to you?

The ladies and gentlemen of the Lifestyle square will be ready for you both days; will we see you there?

Igor's Goochelsjo

Igor’s Goochelsjo

Searching for gold in Igor’s Goochelsjo

After all their adventures the Igors have become poor. But that won’t stop them. In this magical adventure of Igor’s Goochelsjo they will search for the secrets of creating gold.

In this new show the two Igors will be using alchemy, predictions and, of course, chickens. Come by and prepare to laugh at the Castlefest Winter Edition!

workshop balfolk castlefest winter edition


Dance yourself warm with a workshop Balfolk!

Of course there will be a workshop balfolk with Emelie and Wen at the Castlefest Winter Edition.

While in the old days the upper class was dancing boring waltzes, the plebeians were having a party much more fun! They danced their own kind of dances which are nowadays known as balfolk. For centuries, balfolk has brought people together to enjoy dance and live music. 

Emelie and Wen will explain the basics of different dances step by step in this introduction workshop. Everybody can join, with or without dancing experience, young or old, farmer or princess, troll or fairy. 

We can enjoy the dances we’ve learned straight away while listening to the lovely music of Andoorn.

Join Balfolk at the Yule Stage on both days of the Castlefest Winter Edition.