Tim Talesman

A crackling fire, warm sheepskins (make sure to bring your own) and the cosiness of an old inn. Tim Talesman (Young storyteller of the year 2017/2018) will take you on a journey to strange and faraway places.

Come and listen as the days grow short to stories about mighty gods, brave heroes and terrifying monsters and see if there’s light at the end of it…


Folk and historical music meet and mingle into a sound both spanning the raw Medieval as well as the courtly Renaissance.
The lilting sound of the recorder and fiddle and the swinging percussion invite you to dance. The plaintive strains of the viol, the bright strumming of the bouzouki and the angelic singing will woo you with ballads of love and loss.
Welcome to the mystical world of Imbue.

Ambachts Ghylde

Despite the chilly weather, there is a small group of craftsmen brave enough to face the cold winds of November for you!

Ingrid’s Handen will be there to learn you all about braiding with straw and the beautiful objects you can make with straw. Lennart (Runeraaf) collected a nice assortment of magical objects in the forest for you, so maybe he has something for you to use in your rituals. Our Nathalie (JaguArt) can make your day even more perfect with drawing a beautiful temporary tattoo on your skin. And if it’s getting too cold for you, you can always go to Ingrid and Sylvia to try one of their warm, woollen hats, scarves and collars. And if the winter is getting too dark for you, you can always count on Iris (Wolspinnerij d’n droad kwait) to light up your life with her special winter workshop: Pimp your LED-light with wool.

Baldrs Draumar

Baldrs Draumar is a Frisian band which has been raiding the stages since 2009 promoting their epic and thundering Folkmetal. After releasing their first full-length album “Forfedres Fortellinger” in 2011 the band decided to focus on their own Frisian roots and language changing their line-up, performance and musical style slightly to become one of the most brutal Folkmetal bands around. In April 2015, Baldrs Draumar releases its second full-length album “Aldgillissoan” and brings their Furious Frisian Folkmetal to the masses! Always looking for new adventures Baldrs Draumar also takes up acoustic instruments and now will bring you the mysterious and ancient stories of their ancestors in their native tongue. Prepare to be enchanted by the Frisian skalds singing you songs from their latest acoustic full length album “Fan Fryslâns Ferline.”


Flannery is a Scottish folk rock band with only one mission: creating an unforgettable party that the audience will always remember. The band makes this happen with their music filled with Scottish, Celtic but also Irish influences. Flannery means flat land and is the perfect name for the chilly men, who want to entertain with raw but also snappy, melodious music.

The repertoire of Flannery is varied. Instrumental, folk, rock and even rap will be played by the band. They write the music and the lines themselves which gives the music its unique feel. These men do everything possible to create an unforgettable party. Fine rock music with the bearing tones of the bagpipe!

Flannery plays on the Yule Stage.

Ball Noir

Like obsessed alchemists, Ball Noir mixes electronic metal with medieval and classical instruments such as the harp and the hurdy-gurdy. Inspired by their heroes from Anathema, My Dying Bride and Qntal they compose their own music: medieval metal with a longing for haunting melodies, dark fantasies and smashing heartbeats.

Ball Noir plays at the Yule Stage.


With the release of their new album, Irfan will join us at the Castlefest Winter Edition during their promotour!

Their music is an invitation to a mystical trip in and beyond time. The sound of the Bulgarian band reveals an original electro-acoustic World Fusion influenced by the sacred and folk music traditions of the Balkans, the Middle East, Persia, and the Mediterranean, as well as by the musical and spiritual heritage of Byzantium, and Medieval Europe.

Irfan is known for its extensive use of ethereal and mystic female vocals in addition to strong male vocals in combination with an assortment of traditional Bulgarian, Middle Eastern, Persian and Indian string, wind, key and percussive instruments woven into a delicate electronic sound. The band’s name is borrowed from the Sufi’s terminology and means “gnosis”, “secret knowledge” or “revelation”.

Go back to the Roots we all emerge from. 
Venerate the Cradle, where each personal, single Journey has started
Choose the Path, among many and follow it.

Band members:         
Ivaylo Petrov – oud, baglama saz, tambura, setar, sitar, santour, programming
Kalin Yordanov – vocals, daf, bodhran, darbouka
Peter Todorov – darbouka, riq, djembe, electronic percussion pad
Yasen Lazarov – kaval, nay, duduk, harmonium

Darina Zlatkova – vocals

Irfan plays both days in the Great Hall.